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Datafinn solutions

Datafinn is a team of experts in the field of banking systems and credit risk management, analytics and IT, with many years of experience in the development and implementation of IT-solutions for retail in Russia, the CIS countries and Europe

Retail banking automation

Omni-Channel platform

The Omni-Channel platform provides end-to-end control and automates the entire retail banking business process.

The product includes:

  • Automatic decision making system,
  • Marketing tools,
  • Courier delivery system,
  • Automatic recommendation system for pre-approved loans,
  • Communication system with external services, as well as data storage and analysis systems

The platform can be integrated into the existing core banking system.

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High speed of decision-making. Automation of manual checks and updates of customer information. 80–95% of applications are processed without underwriters
Work with an inactive client base on the basis of the interaction history and scoring in credit bureau. Evaluation and effective selection of the client according to the probability of risk, fraud, response to the offer, DTI and PTI of the client
Connecting the information system to public services through SMEV-3 for banks, microfinance organizations and credit bureaus: Ministry of Communications RF, MIA RF, FSIS RF, Federal Bailiffs Service RF, Pension Fund RF, etc.
Built-in analytics: comparing segments for efficiency, testing of different ways of approaching customers, evaluating productivity and analyzing communication strategies, etc.
High level of security. The platform is most consistent with the requirements of the Security Service of the bank and the legislation in the field of banking regulation and personal data protection
Convenient interfaces for various professionals. Seamless integration of platform modules with each other and integration with core banking system through the service data bus
No additional integration with the software of third-party courier services is required
Control panels for operational work, the ability to include in the process a supervisor. Full management of credit documentation.

IT-outsourcing for banks and microfinance organizations

We develop additional services and integrations for individual customer tasks and taking into account the customer's business requirements

Audit of business process

Verification program Credit Accelerator

1. Analysis of the customer base
2. Analysis of risk-assessment methods for borrowers
3. Analysis of the decision-making procedure for lending to individuals
4. Technology analysis: functionality and efficiency of application
5. Risk monitoring
6. Analysis of collection processes

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Services for banks and microfinance organizations

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