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About company

«Datafinn» — is a team of experts in the field of systems analytics, banking software development, managing efficiency and automating of business processes. We implemented retail risk assessment and management systems in four European countries and in Russia, and developed crisis management strategies for financial institutions in 2008 and 2014.

We work in two areas: business intelligence and IT technology. Our goal is to automate up to 99% of manual checks and operations for financial institutions, as well as increase efficiency through the reengineering of business processes and methods of mathematical statistics and modeling.

We help financial institutions increase work efficiency, successfully apply innovative technologies and improve business models.

Our software for retail lending and risk management passed the Skolkovo expertise, and in 2020, Datafinn became its resident.

We are open to cooperation and ready to provide our knowledge and experience to be helpful to your organization!

Our team

Anna Popova

Development director

Elena Osminina

Lead project manager

Alexander Karasev

Head of development

Yuriy Kalinovskiy

Lead developer

Valeriya Nogovikova

Project manager

Anna Egorova

Project manager


Phone.: +7 (495) 108-01-05
E-mail: [email protected]